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Dispatches from Capitol Hill: #3, or XML and TEI are Scary

Here at Early Modern Digital Agendas, we are chugging right along. This week we switched gears rather dramatically; for the last few days of last week, we focused almost exclusively on Early English Books Online (EEBO), issues of facsimile, large corpora analysis, and the building of large collections of early modern materials. And although my title is slightly tongue in cheek, I really do get intimidated by TEI XML; despite a long association with it and using it in several contexts, I’ve never had a dedicated project of my own during which I dealt with XML day in-day out.

Today, Alan Galey, Julia Flanders, and Heather Wolfe joined our hardy band for a discussion on practical editing, diplomatic transcriptions, and the creation of XML encodings of early modern texts in accordance with TEI guidelines. As our group is fairly diverse, some individuals were quite well versed in editorial theory; others felt at home with TEI, while others had very certain theoretical engagements with both groups of practice. This in itself was interesting, since it seemed that no single one of us felt completely at ease engaging with early modern texts, textual editing, critical theory, and the technological methodologies of TEI conformant XML. Continue Reading