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Jobs I Could Have Applied For

Remember how I said the job market is fucked? In what took an alarmingly short span of time, I have compiled the entirety of the job market for my area of academic specialization (English literature, textual studies, digital editions, digital humanities) for tenure track / permanent Digital Humanities academic jobs. Spoiler alert: it is five jobs between the US, Canada, & the UK, more or less.

First, the MLA Job Information List for the United States. Texas certainly has brisket & tacos on lock, but I still don’t think that would be enough move to a state that explicitly authorizes & encourages student concealed carry on its university campuses. The Wesleyan gig looks pretty sweet though, and I’m sure 500 people definitely won’t apply for it.

The Academic Jobs Wiki has two more possibilities for my academic research profile:


Or let’s say I was applying for Digital Humanities jobs in the UK. Realistically, this is it:

Note that this is not an entry level position, but more equivalent to Associate Professor rank in the US/Canada.

What. A. Bonanza! Five jobs in the United States and one in the increasingly unhinged United Kingdom.

I am so glad I didn’t adjunct/postdoc/scrounge for another shot at a permanent academic position starting in 2018.

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