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Digital Humanities is, by its very nature, a wired discussion. Updates, project releases, conference notifications and debates move through the cybersphere with astonishing speed–as anyone who has followed Bryan Croxall, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Ryan Cordell, or a number of others as they livetweet the annual MLA Convention can attest. This list includes some of the personal blogs, professional sites, digital resources and online happenings that I feel help me keep my fingers on the pulse of DH and the modern academic community. Assuming such a thing is even vaguely possible, of course.

[If you think your blog or site should be listed here, please drop a line! I’d probably love to read your stuff.]

College Ready Writing (Lee Skallerup Bessette)
Planned Obsolescence (Kathleen Fitzpatrick)
Brian Croxall
Bethany Nowviskie
Pearls of Wisdom (Karen Kelsky, The Professor is In)
Ferule & Fescue (Brooke Conti)
the scottbot irregular (Scott Weingart)
Stéfan Sinclair
theoreti.ca (Geoffrey Rockwell)
Dan Cohen
Melissa Terras’ Blog
Todd Presner
Digital Humanities Specialist (Elijah Meeks)
Global Outlook:Digital Humanities (GO:DH)