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I have come across (and enjoy) a number of resources and blogs related to digital humanities, humanities praxis, early modern studies, and professionalization. This is a list of them.


The Professor is In / Pearls of Wisdom – Karen Kelsky is the Professor. Her advice is great, in the way that truth bombs and truthiness are great.
Vitae – Associated with the Chronicle of Higher Education. Oriented towards higher education career development.
The Thesis Whisperer – “a newspaper style blog dedicated to helping research students everywhere.”
ProfHacker (at the Chronicle of Higher Education)
Hook & Eye – “We write about the realities of being women working in the Canadian university system.”
The Versatile PhD – “The Versatile PhD is a web-based, woman-owned, socially positive business that helps universities provide graduate students with non-academic professional development.”

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Now – “Discover the best of Digital Humanities Scholarship.”
Digital Humanities Questions and Answers – sponsored by ACH & ProfHacker.
Digital Humanities: A Resource List – sponsored by Western University & maintained by Mark McDayter
Bamboo DiRT – registry of digital tools for research use.

Humanities Praxis

The Praxis Network – “allied but differently-inflected humanities education initiatives, mainly focused on graduate training, and all engaged in rethinking pedagogy and campus partnerships in relation to the digital.”
The Praxis Program (at the UVA Scholar’s Lab)


College Ready Writing (Lee Skallerup Bessette)
Planned Obsolescence (Kathleen Fitzpatrick)
Brian Croxall
Bethany Nowviskie
Pearls of Wisdom (Karen Kelsky, The Professor is In)
Ferule & Fescue (Brooke Conti)
the scottbot irregular (Scott Weingart)
Stéfan Sinclair
theoreti.ca (Geoffrey Rockwell)
Dan Cohen
Melissa Terras’ Blog
Todd Presner
Digital Humanities Specialist (Elijah Meeks)
Global Outlook:Digital Humanities (GO:DH)