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about me

I am Digital Systems Strategist for Dogwood, non-partisan, non-profit activist organisation based in Victoria, British Columbia. We work to combat climate change returning decision-making power to British Columbians in politics and around environmental issues.

I am one of two permanent staff who manage all the digital systems we use every day, including Salesforce, NationBuilder, Marketo, WordPress, and a host of single-purpose tools and platforms. Overall, I am responsible for our website, a sprawling, customised WordPress installation with a whole whack of plugins, integrations, media, and sections. Troubleshooting website issues, coordinating a monthly retainer with our offsite developers, and undertaking long-term planning/roadmapping of the website are what I do for around 70% of my time. The other 30% are one-off special projects for particular tools, domain management, meetings, etc. I am, more or less, a systems administrator for a medium-sized nonprofit.

In my previous life, I earned a PhD (2016) from the University of Victoria in English & Digital Humanities and spent three years at King’s College London as a Marie Skłowdowska-Curie Fellow in the European Union-funded Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training  (DiXiT) Network.