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about me

I am currently a Publishing Systems Analyst in Hansard Services at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Alongside my colleagues on the Technical Operations team, I am responsible for planning, analysis, design, development and maintenance of technical systems that support the work of Hansard Services including hardware, software, and publication pipelines. Before joining the Assembly I was an Innovation Research Specialist in the Innovation Hub. Working in the BC Public Service Agency, I worked as part of a small, cross-disciplinary team dedicated to positively transforming the culture of the BC Public Service in order to encourage creative, disruptive solutions to wicked problems and to leverage emergent technologies to more effectively serve the citizenry of BC.

Prior to joining the public service, I was a Digital Systems Strategist for Dogwood, non-partisan, non-profit activist organisation based in Victoria, British Columbia. Dogwood works to combat climate change by returning decision-making power to British Columbians in politics and around environmental issues.

I was one of two permanent staff who manage all the digital systems we used every day, including Salesforce, NationBuilder, Marketo, WordPress, and a host of single-purpose tools and platforms. Overall, I am responsible for our website, a sprawling, customised WordPress installation with a whole whack of plugins, integrations, media, and sections. Troubleshooting website issues, coordinating a monthly retainer with our offsite developers, and undertaking long-term planning/roadmapping of the website are what I did for around 70% of my time. The other 30% were one-off special projects for particular tools, domain management, meetings, etc. I was, more or less, a systems administrator for a medium-sized nonprofit.

Prior to working at Dogwood and before joining the BC Public Service, I earned a PhD (2016) from the University of Victoria in English & Digital Humanities and spent three years at King’s College London as a Marie Skłowdowska-Curie Fellow in the European Union-funded Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training  (DiXiT) Network.